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F.A.Q. page

Throughout our day to day work we are often asked the same questions again and again, so we have put together a number of those frequently asked questions with their answers.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact us.

I don’t know what I need!

Many people have the same question. There is so much choice and so many people telling you about this that or the other. Friends and relations often will give their advice as well.

The true answer is that everybody needs something different. We tailor everything we do, each time, for every customer. That process starts with a consultation to discuss your needs.

Having listened to what you have to say we will go away and devise what we believe to be the best solution to suit your needs, and then return with a proposal explaining the solution.

What does all the jargon mean?

We realise that working in this field there are an awfully large amount of abbreviations and acronyms flying around. We try not to use them, pure and simple, however it is sometimes unavoidable.

To help with this we have written a ‘jargon buster’ page giving a brief explanation of some of the more commonly used abbreviations etc.

What if I change my mind?

Quite often during the process form initial consultation to completion of the project, the client will need to alter, amend, add or delete items, be they text, images or other content. We expect this! Minor changes are inevitable and within reason can be accommodated.

Everything is agreed before work starts, however in the event a major change is needed, we would discuss what was required and the cost implications. Often changes can be made quickly with little impact on the project, though the sooner we know, the better.

What else will I have to pay out for?

Once we have agreed a proposal there are no extra costs for the work that we do, everything is agreed and recorded in the proposal.

Costs such as hosting, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates etc. may be included as part of a maintenance package, included as part of the initial set up, or added at a later date. In any event they are explained to the client who chooses what they wish to do.

What do I do once I have a website?

Regardless of what the website is for, more than anything else is tell people about it. Write about it on your blog, email your friends, family and colleagues, tell people at every opportunity.

The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. You can spend time marketing the website, optimising the website – making it work faster and more search engine friendly, network the website – registering with search engines, forums, relevant associations and organisations.

Adding updating and maintaining the website with particular attention to quality and relevancy of content, in short, there are lots of things you can do once you have a website.

We will advise what you can do once you have a website. We can also take a lot of the work away by doing it for you. Clients can opt to retain our services, tailored to the clients needs and budget.

How do I market my website?

There are numerous ways to market your website, the majority of them free – they just take time. Quite simply it is anything that will increase the awareness of your site, anything to help reach a wider, new audience.

Search engine optimisation, link building, affiliation, advertising programs, are amongst the more common strategies employed to market websites. We can advise you on how to utilise these techniques or alternatively we can perform many of these tasks for you.

As part of a maintenance package we could oversee the tasks, dependant on your needs and budget.

What about security?

There are different levels and techniques or types of security used in and associated with the internet and websites.

Ranging from the code of the website being written in such a way as to prevent hacking, to virus scanner on the server which sweeps all incoming mail, to SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates, all our sites cover the basic security issues.

As with the SSL certificates there are additional resources you can employ above and beyond that of a basic website.

When discussing you needs we will advise in our proposal what we feel is the best solution for you.

We can oversee many tasks as part of a maintenance agreement, tailored to your needs.

Can I upgrade my website?

Yes and No! Many web companies state that a site can do this, that, or the other, but they can all essentially do everything and anything – it’s down to what the customer is sold.

We prefer to think that your website can do what you need it to, today or tomorrow its whether you want or need it to do something specific for you or not. That means that you can upgrade to whatever you want when ever you want but no you can’t because your site is already capable!

What costs money is the skills, expertise, and knowledge to utilise these different ‘upgrades’. Upgrading your site is discussed when we submit a proposal.

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