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Case Study - Hitman 4 Hire Discos page


Hitman4hirediscos is a business that provides a ‘disco’ with all the trimmings. Geared up to provide DJ for events, functions and gigs but also hire of the equipment.

With many years experience working as a DJ across Europe, hitman4hirediscos’s is fronted by DJ Tripper with a number of colleagues available as required.

Over the years DJ Tripper has accumulated an impressive collection of music and equipment to delight the audience with. Not only has he honed his DJ techniques but also has the lighting, lasers, and effects to compliment the music which boasts a 2Kw sounds system.



To create a business card website that would show up on searches and produce enquires for the hire of the client’s services and/or equipment.

Create all the graphics, including the logo, theme, colours etc. with a James Bond feel.

Website to be created with the ability to be expanded at a later date e.g. list and photograph’s of equipment for hire, booking form etc. Cross browser compatibility required as the site is expected to be viewed on a range of different media.

Information as provided by the client to be organised on the website to render logically and aesthetically.



Going with the James Bond feel to the website we created a silhouette of a DJ, akin to the image of James Bond holding up a gun in the title sequence, when looked at from inside the barrel of a gun.

In one of the figure’s hands we changed the gun for a set of headphones and put a microphone in the other, then gave the figure a hat to represent one of DJ Trippers trademarks and finally, put some creases at the bottom the trouser to appear as if they were to long.

This image has been reproduced at many sizes and resolutions, ranging from 16 x 16 pixels used as an icon displayed in the web browser, to being projected full size (floor to ceiling) onto a wall at a performance.

Following on with the same theme, the figure was placed inside the graphic of the rifling of a gun, however, instead of a blood red background, photographs of people dancing and being happy at one of DJ Trippers performances were used instead.

Text and information was divided up into several blocks. One block displayed in the same style as credits on a promotional film poster, another block displayed like a flyer from the 1990’s with different size type to make the impact more interesting, and thirdly a number of bullet points created in the style of targets.

With the exception of the flyer a black background was used as this would enhance the potency and visual effect of the photograph’s and colour.



Since going live the website has generated traffic which has led directly to both bookings and equipment hire.

Flyers given out at events and performances show a spike on the statistics for people visiting the site and had shown steady growth following these spikes.

As the site traffic grows, links from other sites have increased. This greatly improves the ranking of the site as it shows to search engines that other websites on the internet are interested in the site enough to place a link to it. In turn traffic is increased with potential follow on bookings and equipment hire.

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