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Who We Work With page

It is easier to say we DO NOT entertain working on websites that contain or relate to: pornography, gambling, extremist views, nor are we interested in building web link machines, or other get rich quick style websites.

WE ARE interested in people, groups, businesses and organisations that may not have the advantage of having a team of designers and IT (Information Technology) technicians available.

As a company, we like to feel we are contributing to the greater whole and by doing what we do it will benefit others. You could say itís our way of giving something back.

Therefore we are specifically interested in the following areas:



People are interesting with many fascinating hobbies, pastimes and pursuits, leading interesting and complex lives. We like to work with people wishing to share some of these things with others.


Groups and Organisations

From a local playgroup or karate club, to Scouts and Guides, to Swimming or Chess, groups and organisations that like to promote and share with others, whether run locally or on a more organised basis..


Schools and Colleges

Primary through Middle and Secondary schools, websites are a useful tool, and being parents it is only natural to help in this way.


Small Businesses (especially new business start ups)

Being a small business we know how hard it can be competing with larger competitors. We like to help other small businesses achieve this. Especially for new businesses starting up because, again we know how difficult that can be!


Charities and Non-Profit

In this day and age charities do a magnificent job in all areas of life. If we can assist a charity reach its goals we have achieved our goal!

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