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Prices page

Each website is built individually and is individually priced according to the amount of work involved. Wherever possible the code used to create websites is reused, for example, a login facility, or contact email form. This reduces the cost in time spent writing the code (and checking for bugs and errors as the code is already known to work), which is the largest expense when writing websites.

Simple, one page business card type websites are possible from 100 upwards but will be limited in their capabilities. Comparatively an all singing, all dancing ecommerce, database driven, content managed website with assorted media will be far more involved, take a lot more time and therefore be far more expensive.

For budgeting needs, a number of bundled packages are available. These can be used as is, or as a guideline to be amended as required to suit the needs of the customer after all, we aim to make you happy.

We charge 60 per hour for changes/amendments etc., chargeable by the minute and agreed beforehand.

For example: if a client wanted 10 images optimised and uploaded to the website to be added to a picture gallery, and had the original images available and ready to be edited, the task would take approximately 10 minutes so the charge would be 10.00.

If another customer had one image that needed cropping, resizing, optimising, background removed, this may take 30 minutes. Therefore the charge would be 30.00.

Retaining fees are worked out on the same basis dependant on the need of the customer if you are happy, then we are happy.

On-site consultancy, commissions, training and other works/projects are charged at 400 for a full day (8 hours), or half day (4 hours) at 200, plus expenses. We operate both in and outside of normal working hours and are happy to make ourselves available evenings and weekends as required etc.

Everything is discussed and agreed before work commences so there no hidden or sudden extras.

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