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How We Work page

Taken from the home page: ‘It’s all about you and being happy’, to achieve this we work hard. We achieve this by keeping in full communication with the customer every step of the way. By consulting with the client regularly, we are able to change or amend anything at any time and provide you with reassurance that everything is being done on time, within budget as YOU want it.

No web site is too big or too small, we aim to make you happy, and if you are happy with our work we hope you will tell lots of other people!

The general process of developing a website is as follows:

Free initial consultation starts the process going. We will discuss your needs and potential options. Often at this stage, many customers are not sure of exactly what they want or need, just that they want a website. We find that many customers like to go away and consider their options following the advice given. It is so much better getting it right – right from the start.

Once everything is agreed the work commences. Before a website is made real a visualisation is created and when approved the website build begins. This for us is the graft – all the coding needed to bring everything together. Once all the elements are completed the website is tested in a number of ways, for example compatibility in different browsers.

On completion of the project, we will seek approval from the client, and if the customer is happy then we are happy too.

But it doesn’t end there. Customers have the option to retain our services to make regular updates to their sites, or ask us to provide training so that they may update their site themselves; again it is what makes you, the customer, happy.

We also realise that when a website is finished, minor alterations may be required, for example, a phrase, word, or image changed. Within reason we are happy to oblige.

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